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The Absence of Providence

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Bill & Connie were devastated by the miscarriage on their first pregnancy.  It was especially hard sense their closest friends were pregnant at the same time.  In fact, the loss was devastating to both of them.  But now that Connie was pregnant again the painful memory had faded.  The sheer delight of now having a newborn was amazing.  But it quickly faded when the doctor came into the hospital room the day after the birth and said that they needed to get their new son to the Children’s Hospital.   Questions began flowing and the answers were all open-ended and unanswered.  “What was...

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False Love: Overcoming Sexual Sin from Pornography to Adultery

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The presentation of the “False Love: Overcoming Sexual Sin from Pornography to Adultery” seminar was presented Sunday February 12, 2012 at The Summit Church. NOTE: Many people have asked how they can get a copy of the seminar notebook referenced in this verbal presentation. You can request a copy from Amy LaBarr (, office administrator over counseling at The Summit Church. STEP 1. ADMIT I have a struggle I cannot overcome without God. False Love: Step 1 from Equip on Vimeo. For the “Sexual Sin Evaluation” assessment click here: SEXUAL SIN EVALUATION For the “Pride vs....

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