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The Danger of Comparing Ourselves to Others

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Counselors Reflect on Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp: A Series to Care for the Care Takers of God’s People “In the face of his [God’s] glory I am left naked with no glory whatsoever to hold before myself or anyone else. As long as I am comparing myself to others, I can always find someone whose existence seems to be an argument for how righteous I am. But if I compare the filthy rags of my righteousness to the pure and forever unstained linen of God’s righteousness, I want to run and hide in heartbreaking shame” (Paul David Tripp in Dangerous Calling, page 121). Comparing ourselves to other...

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How Bridgehaven’s Therapuetic Process Group Can Help YOU Overcome Addiction

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As Bridgehaven prepares to launch an Addiction Recovery Group this September 15, it would be helpful for us to understand the unique distinctions of a therapeutic process group.A therapeutic process group is not a: 12-step group Peer-support group Church small group This is not to diminish the value or efficacy of any of these three varieties of groups. In fact, each could contribute significantly in the recovery process for a person or family coming out of addiction. Bridgehaven believes that the local church is God’s chosen vehicle for community, holiness, and mission. However, there are...

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Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) is committed to providing more than excellent education for aspiring pastors. SEBTS also wants to be a part of equipping the entire church to become more excellent at their non-vocational ministries. This is the purpose of SEBTS’s certificate programs and why they are excited to forge this partnership. Each one-week intensive qualifies you to receive one of seven credits necessary to receive a certificate in biblical counseling from SEBTS. While everyone is welcome to attend all of the seminars for free, if you want certificate credit there...

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Robin Williams’ Battle with Depression

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This is the title most media outlets are using when reporting on the recent suicide of Robin Williams.  It sounds much nicer than “Robin Williams Kills Himself”.  But, this is the raw reality of what happened.  Robin Williams it appears struggled with/was diagnosed with/had/was born with, whatever terminology you want to use, depression. As a result, he decided he didn’t want it anymore, so he took matters in his own hand and fell victim to the lies that depression tells you.  In light of this public figure who many of us grew up watching on Mork and Mindy, loved in Good...

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Bridgehaven launching ‘Addiction Recovery Group’

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Starting September 15th, Bridgehaven will begin offering an Addiction Recovery Group for those who struggle with substance or behavioral addictions. These groups are designed to assist those entangled in life dominating patterns. Our recovery groups provide a structured therapeutic environment, which can be supplemented by individual counseling. This allows us to provide an intensive form of care for those whose addictive struggle require more than a recovery group alone. Bridgehaven groups are intended to advance the process of change for our clients, and enhance the pastoral care /...

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