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Leveraging Your Professional Workplace

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God has placed you in your workplace for a reason — to be salt and light to those you serve and your colleagues. The role of the church (and by extension Bridgehaven as a parachurch organization) is to equip you to leverage your skills and relationships to make the gospel known as you care for people. This is one of the primary reasons Bridgehaven Counseling Associates was created; to catalyze more opportunities for Christian professionals in Raleigh-Durham to be more missional in their workplace. This six minute video explains how that can be done by answering three question: What is...

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A Confession by Any Other Name

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Counselors Reflect on Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp A Series to Care for the Care Takers of God’s People “Having a ministry that is fueled by personal devotion has its roots in humble, heart-deep confession.” (Paul David Tripp, Dangerous Calling, page 35).   Sometimes we have to repent and confess until we believe it, or if I can say it this way, until our hearts feel it.  Our repentance is not genuine unless (1) we believe we need to change and (2) we really want to change.  There are times we can mentally assent to what we know is wrong in our hearts.  We nod to the truth but don’t have...

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How to Listen

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We are often poor listeners because we think of listening as merely hearing and retaining information. In a day of information overload, the significance of listening is easy to overlook. Consider this expanded definition of listening – listening is how you enter the world of another person. In relationships “insiders” and “outsiders” are determined by what you share and what you’re willing to hear. When you tell someone your private thoughts you make them an “insider.” When you withhold your private thoughts you make them an “outsider.” When you are available to listen you are demonstrating...

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Signs of Losing Our Way

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Counselors Reflect on Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp A Series to Care for the Care Takers of God’s People “How is the gospel of Jesus Christ forming and transforming the heart of this pastor and his local ministry culture?” (Paul David Tripp, Dangerous Calling, page 30). In this blog series on Paul David Tripp’s book Dangerous Calling we are exploring the world of the pastor, associate pastor and ministry worker.  It is a world that is pregnant with excitement and extraordinary thrills as one engages with people in the most significant arena of their existence, their relationship with...

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Evaluation: Listening in Marriage

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We often miss the power of common things. Being at a little league game doesn’t seem like a big deal until you hear a adult lament, “My father never came to any of my games.” We often only fully appreciate the significance of small things our spouse does after they pass away and “life feels so empty now.” When we look back at the people who most shaped our lives, it usually because of their presence and care in ordinary moments rather than great actions or profound words. Listening is another common thing which often has a power that few people realize. Consider the power of listening...

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