While Bridgehaven does not provide direct scholarships to clients, we encourage you to seek out financial assistance from support systems in your life such as family members, friends, or your local church body. Please be advised: If you are seeking to use a specific scholarship to make your donations, we are unable to approve that scholarship until the necessary documentation is submitted to us. To submit the necessary documentation, please complete our Scholarship Form

For those who are under scholarship as a Summit Staff Member or Summit Collaborative Member, please complete the form yourself. For those who are being scholarshipped by an outside organization, individual, or church, please have them fill out the form on your behalf. Once the form is submitted, our offices will be able to approve your scholarship and your counselor will be made aware of your scholarship.

For scholarship renewals, please contact your scholarshipping party and let them know that this form must be filled out by them before the renewal can be approved. They can fill out the form here.

When submitting the Scholarship Form, please use your first and last name and the same email address each time you complete the form. This will ensure that each submission is received correctly and ensures a timely scholarship renewal/approval for the client.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at