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Do I Need to Attend the Overcoming Anger Seminar?

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I’ve never punched a hole in a wall. I’ve managed to avoid road rage even with a significant number of “idiot” drivers provoking me. My children are not scared of me unless they do something really bad. I have plenty of friends who seem to like me and will answer the phone when I call. Do I still need to attend the “Overcoming Anger” seminar? This kind of question construes the “Overcoming Anger” seminar as a classic anger management class. I can promise you will not count to 10 and no one will be asked to go to their “happy place.” Let me reframe the question. We live in a broken world...

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Thriving in Struggle

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Here’s what bugs me about my heart.  It seems that in my life, the times where I grew the most and the times where I saw the Lord do the most were times when I was in the pit of despair and struggling.  That bugs me. Don’t get me wrong.  I’m willing to surrender to the providence of God, but somehow it seems wrong that the Lord has to pry my fingers off of my precious idols time and time again.  After 35 years of walking with him, shouldn’t I be more compliant and aware of my tendencies?  One would think so.  C.S. Lewis said it’s fine to talk about forgiveness until you have to forgive...

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