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The Forgiveness Trap

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Eventually they come to the person they offended and say, “I was wrong for doing what I did. Will you forgive me?” The trap has been set. But wait a minute. You’re thinking, “What is wrong with that?” Nothing. That is exactly what should happen. I am not saying that the trap is manipulative or intentional. So what is the trap? The trap is an immediate role reversal in which if the offended person does not promptly reply with absolute forgiveness, the sinner versus saint roles are reversed. The white hat and the black hat switch heads. Oftentimes a hesitancy in forgiveness is perceived (or...

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What Is Righteous Anger?

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Anger is not something we can avoid. It is something that we must do well. But few of know what “righteouss anger” would look like. This post is an excerpt from the “Overcoming Anger” seminar (information at the end) provide a way to discern righteous anger. Below are seven test questions for righteous anger taken from David Powlison’s article (bold text only) “Anger Part 1: Understanding Anger” from The Journal of Biblical Counseling (Fall 1995). 1. Do you get angry about the right things? (Right Trigger) Anger declares actions wrong and / or people evil. Anger is a...

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Do I Need to Attend the Overcoming Anger Seminar?

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I’ve never punched a hole in a wall. I’ve managed to avoid road rage even with a significant number of “idiot” drivers provoking me. My children are not scared of me unless they do something really bad. I have plenty of friends who seem to like me and will answer the phone when I call. Do I still need to attend the “Overcoming Anger” seminar? This kind of question construes the “Overcoming Anger” seminar as a classic anger management class. I can promise you will not count to 10 and no one will be asked to go to their “happy place.” Let me reframe the question. We live in a broken world...

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