A New Way Bridgehaven Wants to Serve You

Article by: Bridgehaven Team

Bridgehaven’s Consulting Ministry wants to come along side your church, non-profit organization, or ministry organization to provide guidance, expertise, and direction. Bridgehaven developed its consulting ministry out of the desire to share the experience and knowledge it has gained to help other ministries and churches better serve where they are. Some ways in which this service may be used are:

  • Consulting on a new counseling ministry startup. Some churches have a desire to provide counseling within their scope of ministries, but need help in knowing what best practices are, direction in who to serve and how to go about this.
  • Consulting or coaching to staff in the pastoral counseling role who may be new to counseling, or struggling in a specific way. Sometimes churches want to bring a person on staff to provide counseling, but they lack experience and supervision. Churches can use Bridgehaven as a means of providing this supervision and feedback to such a person.
  • Specific case consultation. Unfortunately churches are not immune to sin or the effects of sin. Things happen that are hard and delicate to navigate and it is important to have a third party sometimes lead the way through.  Bridgehaven consulting has experience in doing just that. We will be happy to walk through these troubling times with your staff to help know best practices to take to prevent further hurt.

These are just a few of the ways that consulting can help your church or ministry organization. Getting fresh perspective, hearing from experienced counselors, and having an extra pair of eyes and ears on situations can only make your ministry and people stronger.

“As iron sharpens iron , so one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

Caroline von Helms, M.A.

Staff Counselor


If you would like further information on this service, please contact Caroline Von Helms at cvonhelms@bridgehavencounseling.org and as well as refer to the paperwork link below.