Blogs of the Week — Week of September 14, 2012

Article by: Bridgehaven Team

Each week Bridgehaven wants to connect you with excellent resources to enrich your personal walk with God, personal ministry effectiveness, and provide tools for churches to more effectively care for one another. Here are the resources we are highlighting this week.

Overcoming Pornography: Recovery or Redemption

Garrett Higbee of The Biblical Counseling Coalition addresses to vastly different approaches to overcoming pornography. Read his important distinctions in Overcoming Pornography: Recovery or Redemption.

Puritan Resources for Counseling

We don’t typically link you to two posts by the same blogger in one week, but this week we’ll make an exception. Justin Taylor ponders What the Puritans Can Teach Us About Counseling, offering an excellent outline and links to helpful resources.

Three Metaphors for the Assurance of Salvation

From a recent episode of The Exchange, Eric Geiger and J.D. Greear discuss three metaphors for assurance of salvation. You can see the full episode here.

Why Little Kids Need Big Biblical Words

Trevin Wax talks about The Gospel Project for kids curriculum designed to help churches disciple their youngest members with a robust understanding of the gospel.

When God Pulls the Rug Out

Ed Welch from CCEF looks at how we do and should respond when we face discouragement that causes us to doubt God and it feels like He pulled the rug out from under our feet.