Blogs of the Week — Week of August 31, 2012

Article by: Bridgehaven Team

Each week Bridgehaven wants to connect you with excellent resources to enrich your personal walk with God, personal ministry effectiveness, and provide tools for churches to more effectively care for one another. Here are the resources we are highlighting this week.

Confronting an Abuser

Justin and Lindsey Holcomb answer five common questions regarding confronting a perpetrator.

My Daughter In-Law Won’t Speak to Me

Leslie Vernick gives guidance on reconciling strained relationships within a family.

Parenting for Recovering Pharisees

At the Gospel Coalition, Christina Fox shares about grace for parents who think they can earn grace. Read her thoughts in Parenting for Recovering Pharisees.

Worshiping at the Altar of Family

At the Gospel Coalition, Kristen and Ted Kluk give the counter warning to mom’s that coincides with the frequent warning to husbands not to idolize their career.

4 Debilitating Fears

Paul Tripp addresses four commone fears that tempt every pastor… and Christian… and even unbelievers.