A Satisfied Heart

Article by: Bridgehaven Team

Counselors Reflect on Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp
A Series to Care for the Care Takers of God’s People



“Every day there is a war fought for control of your heart. But your jealous Savior, with the zeal of gorgeous redemptive love, will not share your heart. He will not rest until your heart is ruled by him and him alone.” Page 108-109.


     It can sound kind of strange to hear that Jesus is jealous. It feels awkward to say and to think about. Even wrong. The word jealous gives off the scent of insecurity and fear. We’ve all been jealous at one time or another and it’s not a good feeling. Jealousy can make you feel left out or picked over. The dominant emotion though, as we think about the word jealousy, is fear. It is a palatable fear that somehow we will lose what we think we need so much. The jealousy that we experience tends to turn us inward and direct our attention toward ourselves. However, the jealousy that God has is not like that. The jealousy that he feels toward us is driven by an incredible love for his children and their hearts. He deserves all of our attention because he is God, but also because he is the only true and living God who can satisfy our deepest longings. We were made for him and to live for anything else is like needing oxygen, but trying desperately to breath carbon dioxide. It’s deadly.

      Our heart is unusually susceptible to anything that might shine and attract our attention. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to take much for us to be distracted. It can be most anything that vies for our attention whether it’s popularity, success, provocative images, security, money, respect or any number of things. Some of these things that draw our hearts can be good things in and of themselves, but they can’t rival Christ. Gratefully Jesus has rescued us from the slavery to sin. However, we’re still susceptible to the presence of sin because our natural instinct is implosive and self-interested.

      Jesus told the woman at the well that her thirst would continue when she sought relief from the water in the well. That type of water will satisfy, but only for a while. The water that Jesus spoke of was truly satisfying. The water that he supplied would satisfy her thirst forever and he knew that His water was capable of that type of strength. Every other kind of “water” we pursue doesn’t have that strength. So, in his love for us he desires that we experience “abundant life” (John 10:10). In other words, he wants us to give our hearts entirely to him because we can never find anything greater. Ever. When Jesus captivates your heart he will always and completely satisfy you. No one else can.

      His jealous love won’t allow him to settle for our fickleness. He pursues those he loves and when we get distracted he disciplines us so that we will stop dumpster diving for food when there is a banquet hall full of fabulous food that he has prepared for us.

      Don’t get lost in your own desires that might rival Christ. Surrender your heart to him for he cares for you. Our God told Ezekiel that all he wanted was the hearts of the people. You won’t be satisfied anywhere else. Don’t even try.

Join us as we explore “Dangerous Calling” by Paul David Tripp.


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