Letter to Women’s Ministry Leaders

Article by: Bridgehaven Team

Dear Women’s Ministry Coordinators,

“Every person we minister too is both glorious and broken.”

Dr. Sam Williams, Professor Biblical Counseling at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

I love this quote by Dr. Williams because it describes so beautifully the heart of women’s ministry, and all Christian ministry for that matter. I am writing to encourage you in the work you are doing in the Body to reach, support, and counsel women of all ages.There are a few things that are true about most women’s ministries (WM) in local churches:

  • WM have a heart to encourage and care for one another well… meaning there is a heavy emphasis on connection and building quality relationships that cultivate discipleship.
  • WM are lay-led… meaning the leader or leadership team have more vision for the possibilities of their ministry than hours to see those dreams become reality.
  • WM unearths areas of hurt and vulnerability… meaning the leader or leadership team can often feel conflicted as their limited hours are devoted to caring for the needs that arise.
  • WM leaders can feel torn between the needs of group (all the women in the ministry) and the individuals (particular women processing difficult experiences)… resulting in a sense of being overwhelmed.

Too often these realities can tempt the women in your ministry to fall into the trap of thinking, “If I can’t do everything, I won’t even do the parts that I can do.” The result is people’s struggles become more overwhelming as their lives become more isolated.

I also am writing to introduce myself as a co-laborer with you in my role as counselor to women with Bridgehaven Counseling Associates (you can find my brief bio at bridgehavencounseling.org). My personal mission is to encourage, teach and counsel women by walking alongside them as they make a journey toward wholeness emotionally, and spiritually.

Bridgehaven provides clinically-informed biblical counseling and seminars, not to replace the caring relationships within the church, but to multiply their prevalence so people are more willing to be purposefully involved in one another’s lives.

I would be honored to speak with you individually to discuss how Bridgehaven can become a trusted resource for your church’s women’s ministry: both to equip women to care for one another and to counsel those who are difficult circumstances. My contact information at Bridgehaven is:

Office Phone: 919-825-1742

Email: bheaden@bridgehavencounseling.org

I look forward to seeing how the ministries we provide at Bridgehaven can enhance the women’s ministry you lead in your local church. What you do is vitally important and supporting you in this work is a great joy.

In Christ,

Beverly Headen

Staff Counselor, Bridgehaven Counseling Associates

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