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Article by: Bridgehaven Team

Counselors Reflect on Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp
A Series to Care for the Care Takers of God’s People



Pastor, make sure you are being pastored the entire time you are pastoring others. Seek out a mature and reliable person with whom you can share your heart. Paul David Tripp, ‘Dangerous Calling,’ p.80

Paul Tripp practically cuts to the chase by imploring pastors to humility in submitting themselves to the pastoral care. When Jesus is not in His place as the King of kings, the hierarchy can become a bit bottlenecked, and theo-political chaos ensues. Christian leaders can distort the gospel of God, and sabotage the mission of God, when attempting to minister out of their own power.

With this being Passion Week and millions of Christians are remembering, reflecting, and rejoicing in varying ways the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the Savior of the world, I think this statement is very fitting for the occasion. Dr. Tripp reminds us that just as we consider location to be one of the primary factors when buying a piece of property, so it is with ministry and life.  When we understand the importance of location we do ministry and life in radically different ways (p. 107).  We must be living for heaven.  Every work of ministry should be going in a storage unit prepared for eternity.  The scripture is replete with admonition and strong encouragement that we are to be laying up/storing up treasures in heaven and not on earth, setting our affection on things above (literally), and setting our hope in things eternal and not temporary.  Personally, as I’ve grown in understanding the weightiness and value of the resurrection in my life, my heart is much more content, my fears less anxiety producing, and my sins and suffering much less despairing.  I love the peace that the hope in the resurrection engenders. 

The best part of the gospel story is that Jesus is no longer nailed to the cross or in the tomb, but he has risen from the grave and is alive.  And because he lives forever, though we die yet shall we live in him and with him because of our belief in him.  Even our brightest day in ministry whatever that looks like, cannot be compared to what we will experience and see on the day Christ returns for his people the Church.  Everything that we get that is good on earth is just a morsel, a sample, a foretaste, of glory divine.  House and health and wealth and the many other good things that can be obtained in this life are only temporary and our hearts know it.  This is why we are told that the desires of the eyes, desires of the flesh and the pride in possessions are never satisfied.  We often look for temporary treasures to satisfy eternal longings which can only be procured in Christ. 

As we prepare to celebrate Easter, take some time today, this week, and every day going forward that you do ministry to ask yourself “Where am I living for?”  Make it your habit to put all of life’s joys, sorrows, efforts and energy, and work into that place where you get a %100 return on your investment and nothing spoils or rots as you wait.  Let’s really begin to apply the transformative and life-changing truth that resurrection offers in practical ways and in the day-to-day of life as we anticipate the triumphant and glorious return of our blessed Savior Jesus.

Join us as we explore “Dangerous Calling” by Paul David Tripp.


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Omar King

Staff Counselor, Bridgehaven Counseling Associates – Briercreek