Donation Request Fees


Please Refer To The Numbers Below:

ACH/Electronic Bank Reject Fee ($25)      |      Returned Check Fee ($10)

Any fees that are incurred due to payment(s) directed to non-existent accounts, accounts with insufficient funds, or fees incurred due to incorrect account/routing numbers will be charged to you. In the event that a dispute is made for a transaction charge through the customer’s bank or credit card company, a $25 Chargeback Fee will be applied to your account. Any refunds are subject to incur the same processing fees as the original transaction after the payment has been processed.

To help Bridgehaven make the most of your donation, please consider making an ACH payment. You can also use the tables below to add a tip to your donation that will cover the service fee. If you would like to avoid the service fee completely, we encourage you to pay via cash or check at our office on 2304 S Miami Blvd, Suite 222, Durham, NC 27703.


Donation Amount +  Service Fee
 $75  $2.00
 $100  $3.00
 $125  $4.00
$150  $5.00


 Donation Amount +  Service Fee
 $75  $1.00
 $100  $1.00
$125  $1.00
$150  $1.50