Suggested Donations

Donations for Care:

While the comparable-market-value for counseling services in the Raleigh-Durham area has increased in the last several years, we have been able to maintain our current suggested donation range to between $75.00 to $125.00 per 50-minute session. It is because of your generosity that we are able to serve the most clients possible. Thank you!

If making an average $75.00 donation for counseling services would be difficult for you, we ask that you consider making a minimum donation of $50.00 per 50-minute session.

If you do not feel like you can make a minimum donation at this time, we encourage you to either talk to your counselor about what you may be able to commit to donating per session, or to ask your local church for help. Many churches are happy to help their members receive the care Bridgehaven provides. If you would like more information about talking with your church about a scholarship, please contact our administrative offices.

NOTE: When donations are made to Bridgehaven in exchange for personal counseling services, the donation is considered non-tax-deductible. Only the amount donated in excess of the maximum comparable-market-value would be deductible for a given counseling session.

Appointment Cancellation:

We require a 48-hour notice if you wish to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Please always contact your counselor directly to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you fail to provide a 48-hour notice, your counselor may ask you to make a $50 donation for your missed appointment.

Consultation and/or Cooperative Care:

When necessary, either you or your counselor may desire to involve the insights or participation of other individuals or professionals (mental health, medical, educational, spiritual) for the purpose of consultation or cooperative care. A signed Release of Information will be requested by your counselor prior to involving any other individual or professional in the counseling process; your counselor will not initiate or respond to either consultation or cooperative care requests prior to receiving the signed Release of Information. Limited consultation and cooperative care sessions will be offered pro-bono. Additional donations, however, will be requested for regular or on-going consultation or cooperative care sessions (more than 3). Donation requests for regular or on-going consultation or cooperative care sessions will be invoiced to the client(s) in 30-minute increments at the rate of $45 per half-hour.

Legal Proceedings:

When required, we comply with legitimate requests for information for law enforcement purposes, and for the process of legal proceedings (e.g., in the event of a subpoena).

If your counselor is requested to present information for court, he or she will give the least amount of information possible to fulfill the request.  If he or she is requested to appear in court, your counselor will talk with you about the requested information. Additional donations may be requested based on the amount of time required to respond to any court-related matters. Donation requests for court-related matters will be invoiced to the client(s) in 30-minute increments at the rate of $45 per half-hour.

Summary of Records:

Bridgehaven Counseling Associates (BCA) does not release to any client or their representative(s) full case-files related to services the client has received through BCA. When a request for records is made, BCA will provide a Summary of Records which will include: the duration of counseling; the primary and secondary goals pursued and concerns addressed in counseling; and any resolutions that were noted as having occurred through counseling.

If your counselor is requested to provide a Summary of Records, the summary will generally be provided within 30 business days from the time the request is received. If necessary the identification of the individual making the request will be verified to confirm the one making the request has the proper authority to make the request, either for themselves, or on behalf of the client(s). Additional donations may be requested based on the amount of time required to draft the Summary of Records. Donation requests for a Summary of Records will be invoiced to the client(s) in 30-minute increments at the rate of $45 per half-hour, not to exceed a 2-hour maximum.

Summary of Suggested Donations:

  • Suggested Average Donation: $75-$125 per 50-minute session
  • Suggested Minimum Donation: $50 per 50-minute session
  • Appointment Cancelations: 48-hour notice or $50 donation
  • Consultation or Cooperative Care: $45 per 30-minute session
  • Legal Proceedings: $45 per 30-minute increment
  • Summary of Records: $45 per 30-minute increment, not to exceed a 2-hour maximum
  • Please note: a $15.00 service charge is added to your donation for returned checks