To Request Counseling

Before requesting counseling services, please note that Bridgehaven is not an emergency service.

If you are currently experiencing an emergency or are in need of immediate care, please call 911.

Before Seeking Services for Other Adults:

We work very hard to protect the confidentiality of everyone we serve. As such, we are unable to begin the intake process for any adult at anyone’s request but their own.

If you are seeking services for yourself which will also include any other adult, before requesting counseling services, please inform them you are requesting they join you in the counseling process, and please inform them that they will be contacted by Bridgehaven Counseling and Associates to ensure they consent to receiving intake documentation as a part of the intake process.

Before Seeking Services for Minors:

Additionally, when services involving minors are being sought, only individuals who have the full legal authority to consent to counseling on behalf of the minor child or children can complete the intake process. In joint-custody situations where decision-making authority is shared, all parents and/or legal guardians who share decision-making authority related to the minor(s) involved must provide written consent before any services can be scheduled.

If you do not have the legal right and/or authority to consent to counseling on behalf of the minor child(ren) without first obtaining the consent of another parent and/or legal guardian, please obtain such consent before beginning the intake process.

If You Would Like to Request Counseling:

Before requesting services, please review the information “About Us,” “Our Counselors,” and “Our Services” to make sure we are the right fit for you and your current situation. If after reviewing this information you would like to proceed with our intake process, click here to email our office to get started:

  • Once you contact us we will reach out to collect some initial information, including the type of counseling you are seeking and the contact information of all individuals who will be involved in counseling sessions;
  • You will then be set up in our client portal through which you will complete all necessary intake paperwork;
  •  After your intake forms are completed, you will be staffed with the counselor best suited for you, based on your particular needs and our counselors’ specific experience;
  • After you are staffed to a particular counselor, you will be set up for an initial intake appointment;
  • During your initial session, you and your counselor will work together to determine goals for counseling, and to make sure the counselor and you are a good fit to address your current situation.


When you arrive at building 2304, you will find our glass door entrance at the right end of the building facing S. Miami Blvd. Enter in through the center glass door (#Suite 222), which opens to the stairway to the second story office suites.

At the top of the stairs, please enter the 1st door on your left – this is our waiting room. There is no need to check-in; just make yourself at home and your counselor will greet you soon as he or she is available. If no one comes to greet you within ten minutes of your appointed time, please proceed down the hallway to the administrative office for assistance. Thank you.

Entrance - Parking

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Entrance of Building

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Brier Creek Office Hours:

Monday (11am-6pm) – Tues., Wed., Thurs. (9am-6pm) – Friday (9am-12pm)

**Exceptions to the above hours may occur for some counselors.