Sexual Harassment, Sowing and Reaping, and Christian Integrity

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As we have recently seen in the news and witnessed a firestorm on social media, much attention has been drawn to the longstanding issue in our country around sexual harassment, particularly sexual misconduct in the work place.  Women primarily but also men has suffered silently for years under the humiliation of being accosted and having sexual advancements made by employers and fellow co-workers.  More and more victims of harassment and violations of dignity have become publicized.  Well known actors, movie and film producers, corporate...

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A Confession By Any Other Name. . .

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A Confession by Any Other Name “Having a ministry that is fueled by personal devotion has its roots in humble, heart-deep confession.” Sometimes we have to repent and confess until we believe it, or if I can say it this way, until our hearts feel it.  Our repentance is not genuine unless (1) we believe we need to change and (2) we really want to change.  There are times we can mentally assent to what we know is wrong in our hearts.  We nod to the truth but don’t have the desire to make it a reality in our lives. I’ve seen this truth...

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Confronting Lies with God’s Truth

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Part 5 of V on Singles Ministry in a Couple’s Culture Church 48.6%!  That is the number of singles living in the Raleigh Durham area.  Once our counseling center learned about this number, we knew we had to address the issue of singleness in our churches and in our community.  We created this blog post to help both the church and singles understand each other better.  We end this blog series with an exhortation to reject the lies about singleness and replace them with the truth that will set us free. Lies We Believe About Singleness Our...

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Creating a Family Dynamic at Church

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Part 4 of V on Singles Ministry in a Couple’s Culture Church Do you remember the song “We are Family” by Sister Sledge? Here is a portion of their lyrics to refresh your memory: We are family Get up everybody and sing   Everyone can see we’re together As we walk on by And, and we fly just like birds of a feather I won’t tell no lie All, all of the people around us they say Can they be that close Just let me state for the record We’re giving love in a family dose   We are family (Yeah, yeah, yeah, ah) What would it look...

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The Singles Experience

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Part 3 of V on Singles Ministry in a Couple’s Culture Church Do you know how a single person experiences church in a couple’s culture? Have you asked them what their experience is like? Know Their Story The experience of singleness is highly variable and subjective. Being single in your 20s is a different experience from being single at 30, 40, 50 or even 70 and beyond. Being single can be a different experience for men and women. There are many variables to how one experiences singleness based on culture, family and social pressures,...

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Church’s View of Singleness

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Part 2 of V on Singles Ministry in a Couple’s Culture Church As a single, what has your experience in church been like? Do you feel welcomed, neglected or something else? Throughout church history there has been error and extreme views from both sides of the marriage/singleness issue that has influenced the church’s attitude about singleness. The Hebrew Rabbinic Talmud states, “The man who is not married at 20 is living in sin.” On the other side, church ascetics have lifted singleness up as a holier call or higher station in life than...

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Scripture’s View of Singleness

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Scripture’s View of Singleness Part 1 of V on Singles Ministry in a Couple’s Culture Church 48.6%.  That’s the number of singles currently living in the Triangle, according to the US Census Bureau. Does that surprise you? Shock you? Make you shrug your shoulders? This means that the “single-married divide” in RDU is surprisingly small.  Yet our churches are dominated by married couples and singles too often feel relegated to the sidelines.  Why is that? This question prompted our counseling center, Bridgehaven Counseling...

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Getting to Know the Bridgehaven Staff

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Dr. Neale Davis, Executive Director/Durham Office Dr. Davis enjoys and appreciates the trust people express when sharing their stories. He has been counseling formally since the Bridgehaven office opened, but has been involved in counseling most of his life. He graduated from the University of Georgia in 1982 before working in Atlanta until his wife also graduated from UGA. They both served with Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) after getting married. Dr. Davis served with Cru for 28 years before opening up the Bridgehaven Durham...

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The Awe of God

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Counselors Reflect on Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp A Series to Care for the Caregivers of God’s People   “What things does the awe of God produce in the heart of a pastor that are vital for an effective, God-honoring, and productive ministry?” page 121 When was the last time you saw something or experienced something that truly amazed you or actually took your breath away? Perhaps it was standing on a beach and seeing the curvature of the earth. Or maybe it was witnessing the Northern Lights in person. Maybe you are...

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Dangerous Calling Blog Series Summary

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  Exploring the signs that indicate a pastor or Christian worker’s zeal of God and ministry may be waning or becoming unhealthy and how to sustainable love God by serving His people.  Utilizing the book “Dangerous Calling” by Paul Tripp we want to care for the caregivers in this time and offer a weekly devotional blog series for ongoing encouragement and aftercare The Impact of Misdirected Identity  by Neale Davis Strengthened by Grace by Omar King Knowing Christ by Kathy King  Success is Great by Neale...

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Bridgehaven loves our partnership with The Summit Church as well as other churches in the area. That is why we are excited to let you know about a recovery-support group Summit is launching. These groups are designed to utilize many of the seminars Bridgehaven and Summit partner together on. Whether you are interested in leading a group or just benefitting from being a participant, you will find more information on Summit’s G4 ministry below: G4 RECOVERY AND SUPPORT GROUP MINISTRY We are excited to announce the launch of G4...

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Spiritual Applications of Not Being Able to Run a Marathon

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A note about this blog: October 25, 2015, is the date when I had hoped to run my second marathon. Around this time last year, after completing my first marathon, I wrote a blog entitled “Spiritual Applications of Running a Marathon.” Well, after receiving some news about a stress fracture [10 weeks ago] that would prevent me from running not only the October 25 marathon (or any other fall marathon—or running at all since receiving that news), I thought it would be only appropriate to write a follow-up blog entitled, “Spiritual...

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Loving Well Through Saying No

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of telling someone no? Do you think it is selfish? Are you concerned about hurting another’s feelings or disappointing him or her? Are you worried that the person will get mad? Instead of saying no, do you think, “I should be able to do this… I have the time…. So and so does it…” The list goes on and on. Saying no is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it can be quite challenging. We live in a culture where we’re expected to be able to do “just one more thing”...

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Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled: A Word for Today

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“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”  John 14:27 NIV   One commentary says at the time of Jesus’ words in John 14, “Let not heart be troubled,” there were lots of reasons for “anxiety and alarm” among the disciples. They had just learned their world was about to be turned upside down– that they had a traitor among them; that Peter would deny Jesus; and in the midst of it all, Jesus, their teacher, friend and...

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Lost My Place

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“Absolutely unmixed attention is prayer.” ~ Simone Weil      In the last two centuries, globalization has exploded. Communication, collaboration and relocation are accessible in unimaginable ways. Opportunities to connect with others are endless. Ways to work together are plentiful. Options of places to go are abundant.      In the 1980s, the prevalent educational mantra for youth went something like this, “You can do anything, if you put your mind to it.” Years later, our society is still struggling to shed this mentality. It...

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